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  • Preliminaries

    July 31(Tue) at 12pm

  • Notice to Successful Applicants

    August 17(Fri) at 6pm

  • Workshop

    August 24(Fri)

  • Finals

    September 14(Fri)
    DMC Tower(Seoul)

Title The 2018 Mock IMO Assemby
Host Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries
Organizer Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology
Sponsors Korea Ship Safety Technology Authority, Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering,
Korea Maritime Pilots’ Association, Korean Register, Korea Shipowners’ Association,
Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Association, Korea Maritime Center,
Korea Association of Marine Industry, Korea Maritime Institute,
Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology

[Preliminaries(Online) Deadline] August 17(Fri) at 6pm

[Workshop] August 24(Fri)

[Finals(Offline)] September 14(Fri)


[Workshop] Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology

[Finals] DMC Tower (Seoul) [View the Location]

  • A nationwide 2-year college students including leave of absence
  • The participating team must consist of 3 individuals
  • Participants and winners of previous competitions can participate (Except Grand Prize)
  • A student who meets the conditions below is eligible for participating in one team per person.
    • - A student of foreign nationality attending a domestic universit
    • - A Korean student attending an university overseas
    • - A student attending a foreign university in Korea
Application via Online [www.imo-contest.org]